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Ms.Linda Mo 

​Children are our future. In this fast changing global community,it is crucial to prepare our children to become global citizens who are flexible and open to different languages and cultures. At an early age, language is one of the fundamental tools for our children to explore the world. As English and Chinese are two of the most spoken languages, by providing an immersive English and environment together with Chinese program on top of our students' mother tongue(mostly Japanese), our students will gain the multilingual ability and confidence to cooperate with others across cultures, thus becoming globally competitive and resilient individuals with the awareness to make wise judgments and to commit to a lifelong love of learning. I believe that with our happy and nurturing international environment at Unison, every child can shine and grow to their greatest potential. 










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​“Kyoiku” in Japanese means “Education”, originally meaning “To bring out children’s abilities”. I’m honored to help students at Unison so that each child’s unlimited possibility begins to come out. Furthermore, I hope our graduates will play an active part worldwide in the future. 










The children surprise me with their ability to learn and absorb new languages every single day. We want to strive for providing a fun and enlightening environment for all our students.

I want to advance myself to be able to bring out the best in our students as well. See you at Unison!










From my personal experience, it is best if the children can be immersed in a multilingual environment at an early age to naturally acquire the language instead of considering language as a learning subject. I want to provide my child care expertise here at Unison to help the children smile and grow to have an open mind towards the world.











Hi everyone, my name is Lewis, and it is my great pleasure to be here at Unison. As well as equipping my students with all the necessary skills to have a successful learning career, I aim to fully develop each individual’s character and self-confidence so that they can thrive in this constantly changing and ever more accessible world.

 Music is a powerful educational tool, which I can utilize to teach English language, and develop social skills, fine motor skills, and most importantly: Logical thinking and creativity.

 I am really happy to be part of the Unison family. The teaching system is incredibly fun and effective. Unlike more rigid teaching systems, which separate Language from other lessons, the Unison way is to use English and Chinese to teach an immensely broad range of subjects from Science & Biology, to Music & Art, Geography & international cultures, and everything in between!

 I very much look forward to having you at our school, where we can learn and grow together, making each day even better than the last.






Hello everyone!

My name is Ellie and I’m from Taiwan. I myself have also been learning English and other languages such as Japanese since I was the age of Unison kids. Being able to learn foreign languages is the best gift I would say. It made me international and open to the world.

As a part of Unison family, I focus on respecting each child’s personality and interest while providing them a safe and educational environment.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and your children soon. Let’s have fun together!








Hello, My name is Jean. I’m from Taiwan. I'm passionate about languages and education. Since I graduated from university, I've been involved in the education industry for more than 10 years working as a preschool teacher in a bilingual language school. I want to show our students that learning languages can be fun. I also pay attention to the children's conditions and needs in development and learning. I look forward to having you with us. See you at Unison!











My name is Amy and I’m from California, USA.

I’m happy to see the kids learn new things every time they come to school. We have so much fun by doing all kinds of activities all year round!


My goal as a Unison teacher is to make sure they have a fun experience while learning English. It’s amazing to see how fast the kids learn. We do everything in total from reading, speaking, and writing! At Unison, we are able to learn different cultures as well since we have so many teachers from different countries. Let’s have fun together!





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